Geographical information
Size Small City (Apoika)
Area Tarshish
Societal information
Demonym Zakynthan
Races Mostly humans, some elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and half-orcs
Religion Olympianism, Epicureanism, Celtic Paganism, Heathenism
Population 9,192
Imports Wine, Olives, Slaves, Olive Oil, Fish
Exports Furs, Timber, Wool, Linen
Political information
Ruler High Archon Dionysius

Inhabitants of Zakynthos
Locations in Zakynthos
Organizations in Zakynthos
Zakynthos is a Western Hellenic Colony on the shores of the land of Tartessos, or Tarshish (Iberia or Spannish Pennisula).  Zakynthos is a major sea port on the land of Tarshish and is a Danaan and Aeolian Colony.  The Colony was a colony of Athenas, but not as a trading colony, but as a city state unto itself.  There are a number of people from the island of Zakynthos there as well, which is why the city got it's name. 


Zakynthos is ruled by a system of judges, called Archons.  Trials are called Triads, in which three parties try the accused -- one for the defense, one for the offense, and one impartial Archon.  The Government is mostly fair, except for lawyers and corrupt judges which incite the population's criminals to do crime so that they will continue to have work.

The Government is controlled by three major parties: The Liberal Party, the Labor Party, and the Conservative Party.  The Liberal party is looking to make more democratic reforms like the parent city.  While the Labor party is looking for more of a fair government on the part of the workers in the city.  Finally, the Conservative party is looking to maintain the status quo.



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