Yllaatis Stormtooth.
Yllaatis Stormtooth
Basic Information
Home Phaeselis
Former home(s) Zadracarta
Gender female
Race Dragonborn
Occupation Bodyguard
Known language(s) Draconic
Rules Information
Class Mobility Fighter
Alignment Lawful Good
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Mobility Fighter (Fighter) 5
5th Edition Statistics
Class Fighter 5
Yllatis Stormtooth is a Dragonborn, a humanoid dragon with non-remarkable scales of a tarnished silver color. She is also physically strong, having a toned but curved physique.  She has three toes, and a toe coming from her heal.  She has winged ears and a crest of hornlike scales at the back of her head.  They resemble a mess of ropy hair.


Yllaatis Stormtooth is from Zadracarta -- the Dragonborn City, having been brought to Phaeselis as a slave, part of the spoils of a battle. Yllaatis is originally from one of the free Dragonborn villages beyond Civilization. Of her family, only her father is still alive, and still looking for her. She has two siblings: Horkas Stormtooth (younger brother) -- who was born under a bad omen; and Darsys Stormtooth (older sister). Of the three of them, she took up the sword as a soldier or warrior.

However, it was short lived, as she was involved in a battle between her home village and Zadracarta's hoplites.  They lost almost miserably, and she was taken into slavery.  She didn't give up hope, though, that somehow, she would be reunited with her family. 

For someone so young, though, she was passed around until she came to Phaeselis where she was sold to Lysander when he was 14.  It was tulmutuous at first, as he had her trained as a body guard, taking advantage of her special training as a mobility fighter.  This all came to a head when Lysander was fifteen, and unable to contain himself, had her sleep with him in a wild night of teenage passion and awkwardness.  The result was that love budded within her towards him.

Although she didn't become gravid, Yllaatis had a strong connection that allows her to fight fiercely for her Strategos.  She was made his lieutenant, but she doesn't advise him on matters of strategy.  She just operates as his bodyguard. 

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