Winter orcs are primitive herders, eking out a living on the slopes of volcanic mountains and building their crude huts near hot springs or steam vents. They herd woolly cattle, caribou, and elk. As a result, they control large sources of meat, water, and heat—all things coveted by others living in or traveling through the arctic. What they don't have, they take by force.

Winter orcs stand ever vigilant against attackers and thieves—when they're not making preemptive strikes against those foolish enough to settle near their territory.

Occasionally, an individual orc questions the need for constant battle, or seeks strategies other than brute force. Such iconoclasts often leave their tribes—at least temporarily—to become adventurers.


The Winter Orc - 7 years later - Speedpainting!

The Winter Orc - 7 years later - Speedpainting!

Winter orc speed painting

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