Ishtar by Orhasket
Orc Ancestry winter orcs
Human Ancestry Hyperboreans, Ugarians, Taiga Hunter Gatherers, Tungusic People
Languages Hyperborean, Ugarian, Winter Orcish, Taigan, Tungusic
Skin color Green to Blue Green tones
Hair color Black to Platinum Blond
Eye color Dark brown, green, and blue
Distinctions broad noses, small tusks

The frostkin's struggle for acceptance is a fight for survival, for few can endure the frostbitten north without allies. The winter half-orcs are native to the far northern Aisha and Europa, found in the lands of the Hyperboreans and other northern peoples.[1]


Human SocietiesEdit

Orc SocietiesEdit

Frostkin Trait

Unflinching Valor: Many fearsome arctic predators consider young frostkin easy prey, but some frostkin manage to surpass their fear and fight off these beasts in time for help to arrive. Winter half-ores with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear effects, and a +1 racial bonus to CMD to avoid being grappled. This racial trait replaces the intimidating racial trait.


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