Celtiberan script

Westron is the spoken language of the Blessed Isles and that of the people across the sea of the blessed isles.  Westron is amazingly a lot like Brythonic in a lot of respects.  Westron is so named by the Hellenes because of how far west and north you have to sail to reach the Blessed Isles.

Westron's ScriptEdit

The Script is like that of Celtiberan.  The Celtic Runes is used to write and send messages.  The script isn't used for everyday use, however.  Many of the people of the blessed isles are illiterate or use simple pictograms in order to communicate.  The Westronic script is used mainly for ceremonial purposes and as for royal communication. 

Sample Westron WordsEdit

  •  abonā = "river"
  • Pritani = "People of the Forms"
  • Dubrīs = "waters"
  • canto- = "border"
  • Lugudũn(iãnon) "Fort of Lugus"
  • Sabrīna = Severen
  • tan-eto- = "(place of the) bonfire"
  • tann-eto = "oak grove" 
  • Tamesis = "dark"
  • Ebur-ākon = "stand of yew trees"
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