The Warchief is a title and rank granted to the leader of the Orc Horde during times of stress for the entire Aboriginal Orc Nation.  A comparable rank amongst the Civilized Orcs would be Captain.  The Warchief's duties are a mixture of General and King.  As a King, the Warchief has the right to dictate laws and to enforce them during a crisis.  Secondly, the Warchief handles strategy for each of the clans during a time of war, and leaves up the various tactics to the individual chiefs of every clan.

When a new Warchief is chosen, there is a ceremony to make the rest of the chiefs recognize his position.  Anciently, in the old Homeland, this would involve a quest to prove that he was the Warchief.  In the new homeland, historically the Warchief had to mate with wolves or with 'raptors to secure a connection to the land.  Recently, the Warchief had adopted a coronation scheme.  After he is chosen by the tribal chieftains, they would each give him one of their daughters to wife, recognizing the fact that that he is the war leader over all orcs; then the shamans would call the blessing of the elements; crowning him in lighting, rain, wind, and flame.

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