799px-Isola vulcano

Volcania (represented by a view of View of Vulcano from the island of Lipari) by Brisk g.

is a distant island located far west of Phaselis.  The island is small, but has an active volcano and three extinct, dead ones.  Volcania is inhabited by dark elves with an ashen grey pallor to their skin.  Their aim is to recreate their version of Arvandor using fungus cuttings brought from Arvandor.  These dark elves have built three major settlements on the island and several small ones.  Some of the dark elves wander the Ashlands on the north side of the island.  They have given up Nott and Larthenianism and worship other gods instead.  The place is known for it's strange fauna and flora.  The island is about the size of Hawai'i, Hawaii. 
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