Dragonborn City
Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Small Town
Area Zadracarta, the east bank of the Kaspios Sea, in Anaxamandras
Societal information
Races Dragonborn
Population 18,000
Political information
Government Oligarchic Aristocracy
Ruler's type Archonship
Ruler Vanquisher Tarhun

Inhabitants of Veratasixi
Locations in Veratasixi
Organizations in Veratasixi
 Veratasixi is the capital of the fledging Dragonborn nation of Keizaal.


The town is laid out in a circle, with a city wall around it.   Six roads penetrate to the town "square."  This contains the buildings of rulership and council, as well as the city fountain and markets.  The town is divided into six Hofkah or steadings using the streets as borders.  Each street leads out of the city into the countryside. 

Notable LocationsEdit

Temple of Bahamut:

Halls of the Dead:

Paga Taverns:


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