Narrows in Zion National Park

Narrows entrance to the Valley of the Xephs.

No one knows where the Xephs are from or their origin, but they live in a winding canyon valley that bares some similiarities to Goosneck State Park.  The valley is  much wider than the goosenecks in our own world, but is almost enclosed in darkness much of the year.  Located in the mountains that surround the High Peoples, they were not conquered by Alexander and included in their Empire.  Nevertheless, they live in a valley whose river tributes to the Oxus River as it winds its way to the sea. 

Xephs resemble elves.  Perhaps they are elves.  However, the question has been broached to the elves whether or not Xephs are a part of their race.  Often times, the Elves are bewildered by the question and say they do not know what a Xeph is.  The Xeph people are exclusive though, and it's hard to get to their valley except by going into the river first. 

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