Urollain Hexqin

Alignment: TNEdit

Urollain really does not understand what alignments means. There is the here and now, moments to live in, from moment to moment we can change actions but not set the course of our deeds before hand.

Physical DescriptionEdit

If you came across him you may think him odd, as all Elans seem to be, Silver orb eyes, no hair and pale shimaring skin that seems to sparkle at times, He short, 5'4", slim biuld in plain monk clothing, He is holding no insignia or holy signs., he seems exceptionally quiet, in fact through out all your time with him he never so much as uttered a single word. Odd that maybe you should talk to him. He has a staff but dos not seemed to be armed.

In actionEdit

Urollain seems a poor fellow form his simple clothing and never seems to join in meals with others. When he looks at you, you can not but help notice his eyes, for a moment he seems to be seeing more than just your appearance. But then again it could just have been the light. The other odd thing may be you he never seems to sleep. He just sits and look at some thing for hours. However when he talks (by means other than a voice some times) he is well spoken and polite.

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