Trade Quarter

Undercity's trade quarter from WoW (and the WoWWiki).

Sometimes, the amount of jargon used by a Phaeselis native can be confusing to a newcomer or visitor.  After all, everyone in the city knows that there is passages and catacombs beneath the city.   Others may refer to something called the Undercity.  Of a matter of course, these two concepts aren't necessarily the same.

To a native of Phaeselis, Undercity simply means the locations underneath the city -- such as the prison and the Undercity Market, that are safe and settled by surface folk.  The term refers to locations that are wholly underground.  So, Pheonix Section Intelligence Seven (or S.I. 7 for short) headquarters (where they train rogues, telepaths, and cryptics and give them a license to kill) is located in the Undercity while Hermes' Sons are not.

The Nature of UndercityEdit

The Undercity is most likely it's own district in all but officiality.  But if the various adventurer guilds that have been started to explore the vastness of "the Dungeon" have their way, it will all soon be official.  For now, however, that dream is quite far fetched.  Still, they are working towards that dream, and there are people who have moved into the undercity to work and live in a subterranean environment.

Most people in Phaeselis look at the Undercity to be portions of the subterranean areas beneath the city to be areas of wilderness to be claimed and settled.  After all, they view the subterranean levels as a place of wilderness, both wild and dangerous, just waiting to be tamed.

The Undercity is still underground though.  This means that the place is damp, dirty, grimy and cold. Despite this, it's relatively clean. Most places are lit by torches hung in sconces or by hanging laterns.  Everburning torches are quite common as well. 

In some public places below the falls, staircases lead into the Undercity.  Some buildings also have access points, along with some portions of the Necropolis.  As time passes, more and more businesses and residents are moving down into the undercity to find some kind of habitation.  This is done to escape the high rents and overcrowded streets of the city above.  Many of these businesses cater to dwarves and gnomes, who also enjoy spending the time underground.  The dwarves of Fairholme, located in the Southwest quarter, are clearing out parts of the Undercity and establishing Deepingholme -- an all dwarf community beneath Fairholme.  The city has not established a watchhouse down here, so policing is up to the residents.

Features of the Undercity:Edit

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