Ugarit 02
Geographical information
Aliases Syriaz
Type City ruin
Size 5 miles square
Area Syria, Phaeselis
Societal information
Demonym Syrian
Languages Syrian, Infernal, Abyssal
Races Humans, Tieflings, Half-fiends, fiends
Religion Heathenism, Diabolism
Population Unknown
Alignment Dead ruins.
Allegiances none
Political information
Government Anarchic
Ruler No one.

Inhabitants of Ugarit
Organizations in Ugarit
Ten miles north of Phaeselis is the ruins of the city of Ugarit.  Also called Syriaz, the city is an ancient city that had little to do with Phaeselis until it's conquering by Phoenicians in the late Bronze Era.  The site is an Adventure Site based off of concepts from the 4e book Vor Rukoth by Greg Bilsland.[1]

In the Real WorldEdit

Ugarit (/ˌɡəˈrt, ˌj-/Ugaritic𐎜𐎂𐎗𐎚ʼUgrtArabicأوغاريت‎) was an ancient port city at the Ras Shamra headland in northern Syria. Ugarit had close connections to the Hittite Empire, sent tribute to Egypt at times, and maintained trade and diplomatic connections with Cyprus (then called Alashiya), documented in the archives recovered from the site and corroborated by Mycenaean and Cypriot pottery found there. The polity was at its height from ca. 1450 BC until 1200 BC.


Ugarit or Syriaz, on Lemurias, is presented as a capitol for a Tiefling Empire that spanned the kingdom of Syria.  They ruled from Syriaz as a Canaanite and Semite Empire.  During their decadent phase, the people of Syria indulged in the forbidden practices of cavorting with demons and devils, spawning all sorts of half-fiendish bloodlines, which eventually immersed itself into the various tiefling bloodlines found in Phaeselis and across the Alexandrian Empire today.  This includes an obsession with sex, and sacred prostitution.

Today, though, it's a crumbling ruin that was once a great tiefling and half-fiend city.  Ten miles away from Phaeselis, it's in the protected zone, but the Cassandrians are interested in the city as well and have sent explorers to explore the ancient ruins.  Is Cassandras breaking the pact by exploring the city?  Only a group of explorers from Phaeselis can establish the truth.  Syriaz is land of contradictions, as explorers will see.  Much like the adventure site of Vol Rukoth, Syriaz is presented as an adventure site to be used in an existing campaign.

Like Vor Rukoth, the site is designed for adventurers of 1st to 15th levels.


Three Things to know about Ugarit/SyriazEdit

Exploring UgaritEdit


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