The city also is home to goblins, ratmen, and other undesirable elements. Most people consider these creatures more of an infestation than true inhabitants, though. These “residents” contribute nothing to Phoenicia, but they prey on its populace, stealing what they need to live.

The CatfolkEdit

Cat Folk Rogue
The Catfolk of Lemurias are a race of natural explorers, often thought of as from "Not Around Here." They are seen as unwanted since they put everyone off.  The catfolk in Phaeselis are treated as second class because they do tend to send others into the "Uncanny Valley."  In truth, the race is boisterous, nimble, and capable and very active.  They can also be contemplative and quiet in study.

Catfolk are curious by nature.  They are also inquisitive, and many tend to be extroverts also by nature. Catfolk are seen as vain, since they want to be at the center of attention.  Catfolk tend to be magnaminous to their tribe and to their friends.  Catfolk are also tribal by nature, moving like bedouins or living in a "primitive" society.  

Catfolk are hunter-gatherers in a specific sense out in the wild. In civilized societies, they band together in caravans selling their wares between the various cities in the Empire.  Very few cats are interested in the persuit of personal gain, however, as many seem to try to do unto others as they expect others to do to them.  They have a reputation as thieves and swindlers amongst humans and other races. 

The Ratmen



Also known as Ratfolk.  Ratfolk are small humanoids that are a mix of man and rats. The ratmen are now more often found in nomadic trading caravans. Much like the pack rats they resemble, ratfolk are tinkerers and hoarders by nature, and as a whole are masters of commerce, especially when it comes to acquiring and repairing mechanical or magical devices. Though some are shrewd merchants who carefully navigate the shifting alliances of black markets and bazaars, many ratfolk love their stockpiles of interesting items far more than money, and would rather trade for more such prizes to add to their hoards over mere coins. It's common to see a successful crew of ratfolk traders rolling out of town with an even larger bundle than they entered with, the whole mess piled precariously high on a cart drawn by giant rats.

Typical ratfolk are average 4 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds. They often wear robes to stay cool in the desert or conceal their forms in cities, as they know other humanoids find their rodent features distasteful. Ratfolk have a strong attraction to shiny jewelry, especially copper, bronze, and gold, and many decorate their ears and tails with small rings made of such metals. They are known to train giant rats (dire rats with the giant creature simple template), which they often use as pack animals and mounts.


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