The sons of Grom is an orc battalion made up of orcs and half-orcs. These orcs and half-orcs are barbarians and fighters that fight for the existence of the city. They are based out of the barrens, and are aligned with the city. The Sons of Grom worship the orc war deity, Grom. Grom is a deity that is equated with Ares, the Hellenistic god of War. They specialize in the open horde formation during battle, and typically wear little armor to protect themselves. During battle, one can see an orcish mass just pour in before them. The leadership reserves them for flanking maneuvers.

Alignment: Any non-lawful.

Discipline: A son of Grom may trade access to one martial discipline of his choice for access to the Primal Fury.

Oath: Orcs and half-orcs who swear oaths to Grom are typically accepted by the elementals, fey, shamanic spirits, or alien entities personifying nature. Typically they do use metal, but they swear with a blood-oath similar to the one given below:

With the earth and sky as my witness, hear my vow: I will serve the untainted wilds and the unspoiled lands, protecting them from the greed of civilization with axe and fang. Where mortal avarice threatens the harmony of nature, I will strike without pity. Where mortal ignorance wracks the land with pain and poison, I will kill without question, and if my heart proves faithless, may I be rejected by stone, scorned by the sky, and driven into the stink and shadows of the cities until my last choked breath of poisoned air.

Allegiance Benefit: In addition to access to the Primal Fury discipline (exchanging a discipline of his choice), the sons of Grom tend to exhibit the ability to rage as a barbarian (working themselves into a berserk frenzy) at least once a day.  This ability to rage is added to the barbarian's rage pool.

Description: Founded long ago, these sons of Grom are worshippers of the orc god of battle Grom.  They are born in fury and blood.  Lately, they have used axes, spears, and swords. The first sons of Grom was formed millenia ago when the Orcs were noble and good, and needed an outlet for their more bloodthirsty.  To be called of Grom is, indeed, an honor.  The sons of Grom first showed their prowess during the Battle of Frozen Waterfall Pass on the Orcs' home planet, where a battalion of the sons of Grom faced down and destroyed the enemy forces to the last orc standing.

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