By Eva Wilderman

The Serothi clan are little more than peons to most of the Dragonborn. Inferior in all skills of worth, these dogs are relegated to menial tasks such as harvesting lumber and mining gold. Their labor is also required for the construction and maintenance of buildings necessary to support the vast undertakings of the Horde. Pity the poor Serothi, working from dusk to dawn, slaving away in the service of the Dragonborn. Most peons of the Dragonborn are permanently bent from years of labor. These expressionless Dragonborn trudge in their duty, a large sack slouched over malformed shoulders that are broader than any soldier's.


Once the Serothi were a proud clan of the Dragonborn.  They even ruled the Dragonborn at some point, their clan chiefs were elected High King when the Dragonborn lived under monarchy.  However, having a patron such as Daz'arri the Deceiver was soon to be something that would come to haunt them.  A black dragon of great cunning, he betrayed his clan to the mighty forces of the other clans, who slew half the dragonborn clan and took them into slavery for a thousand years on Thurban.

The entire clan was enslaved.  And now the clan had to work for the other clans in building the glory of the Dragonborn civilization on Thurban.  Some became sex slaves, others became house slaves, and still more became work slaves.  Treated as peons, the whole clan was impoverished, as all their wealth was stolen by the other clans.

Life on LemuriasEdit

This was the life the Serothi was put into.  However, since the escape to Lemurias, the clan has been finding ways of being treated as equals.  Some of the clan escaped to better pastures, no longer wanting to live as slaves but wanting to be free.  As most of the clan has accepted their lot in life, a few became adventurers and pioneers, working hard to find their own freedom, their own lands, and their own fortunes.  Despite this, while the bulk of the clan work in back breaking work (or bedroom work), a few of the Serothi clan found their fortunes in the Blessed Isles and the land of Europa.


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