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An orkish settlement near Pelagasiri Lands (from Skyrim).

North of the Pelagasiroi lands, and around the Kaspios Sea are the Hordelands.  The lands of the Orcs.  They are quite prolific, and are a scourge on man and elf alike. The Orcs occupy the Cimmerian Steppes and the Cossack Steppes.  They displaced the humans on both sides, forcing them to move on into other territories.   There are a great many orcs that are bloodthirsty, but a few tribes have gotten over their bloodlust.

The nation of orcs that has gotten over it's bloodlust is the nation of Mek'lash Duras.  Bordering the Reptileman Kingdom on the East, the orcs here have gotten over their bloodlust and have built a stronger culture based on honor among warriors.  Still considered to be green skinned barbarians, these orcs hail from theFrostwolf Clan, the Raptor Rider Clan, and the Stormreaver Clan.

The orcs and the Pelagasiri Elves are bitter enemes. Many villages near their lands are overwhelmingly half-orcs and some are beginning to look like elves.  This is because the elves near their lands often raid into orc territory and savagely rape the women to show dominance.  The orcs there have to respond in kind, often burning down any elven villages they raid into their lands. 

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