Necropolis by lyssiana
in Brief
Area 65 acres
Population 0 (officially)
Primary Function Cemetery
Other attributes
Primary Social Class none
The city of the dead.  Here, people are buried among five hills that have carved out tombs or built tombs.  The tombs of the dead are taken care of by the undertakers, and it is unknown if the city of the dead has the dead resting in peace.  After all it's just the city cemetery, correct?  Well, it's a bit more than that.

The borders of the Necropolis are clear to anyone who wants to know. A wall surrounds the entire district. Five close hills are set aside for it.  Although it isn't close to the gate beautiful, a temple dedicated to Hades sits on top of the central hill.  The sections of the Necropolis include:

Flavor of the NecropolisEdit

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Running the NecropolisEdit

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People of the NecropolisEdit

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Necropolis locationsEdit

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