Indian women paintings 4 crcdX 6943

An indian woman of the Muaryanan Empire.

This empire arose with the backs of the Naga Empire broken.  The Muaryanan Empire is one that is totalitarian over it's people in nature.  Although visits to the Empire is one of peaceful intentions.  The Aryavartans here live under the Caste system, and even the drow that sucessfully invaded in put under the yoke of Caste. 

The Muaryanan state has a large system of internal espionage to make sure that the people stay in line, most visitors don't see this, although the Nagaji who were left wishes the Naga were in power again in more ways than one.  One of the reasons is the elaborate espionage system that is in place.  Although the land has great art, and great history and has seen empire come and go, the hand of the rulers here are invisible.  The bureaucracy and the espionage system goes here unnoticed.  However, there are noticeable signs that the people are unhappy. Adventurers in the Helleno-Aryan Kingdoms that are investigating this kingdom might find places where they can free the people from a government of oppression.

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