Wadjet eye

The Mind's Eye

An organization of psionicists, The Mind's Eye is tasked with protecting psychic interests in Khem, and now they've expanded to the whole Alexandrian Empire.

Khem is a land of magic, but the psychics of the Mind's Eye felt that the Pharaoh needed to have an advisor on psychic affairs.  All at once they were formed out of the Priesthood of Khenum, who was the Creator, and the Priesthood of Ra.

Magic itself became the purview of the priesthoods of Isis and many other gods and goddesses of Khemet.  And while such priests advised the Pharaoh of Khemet on such matters of magic, war, and justice -- the The Mind's Eye felt that they should advise the ruler on psychic phenomenae.  And while rare, the priests of Khenum and the priests of Ra could only gain the ear of the Pharaoh when he was hunting and not at court. The Mind's Eye protected the psychics of Khemet from evil Psychic Phenomenae for many thousands of years -- from the Chalcolithic Period to the present.

Now they moved their base of Operations to Phaeselis, where they protect the city from evil psychic phenomenae, investigate Noetics, and protect the rights of Psychics from around the Empire.  Although the society accepts psions, not every psion is a member of the secret organization.  Those approached, though, must be able to demonstrate some ability with psionics and be willing to use their powers to help protect psions and the way they are taught as much as possible.

However, the members of the Mind's Eye are secret.  Although they always carry a wadjet eye around their necks or tattooed on their person somewhere to show that they are a member to other members.

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