800px-Roman forum sketch up model

Roman forum sketchup model by Lasha Tskhondia - L.VII.C. (CC-by-SA).

The city has a predominately classical look to it, except in the Vedic and Phoenician quarters, where it looks extremely different.  Greco-roman colonades, Greek houses with their courtyards and C-shaped houses; villas, and apartments are a part of the landscape.  Not to mention that the living mushroom houses that the people of Volcania grow and the exotic part of the Ariyan Quadrant that is Qin'ae Town.

Besides that, the area enjoys a mediterranean climate. The winters are pretty cool while the summers are hot and humid.  Like most cities nearer to the sea, a salty sea breeze comes off the sea during the day.  On occasion, though, a wind slices through the land during the spring months.  There is a large amount of rainfall during the Spring and Summer, allowing crops to thrive in the conditions. 

One always feels the presence of the psychically gifted and few of magic.  A psion might fly over the city using telekinesis, or one could be using the power of psionics to increase his speed -- bearing a message.  One might even notice an adventurer walking down the street, suddenly blinking in one instant and blinking back in the next.  It's odd to find a mephit bearing a message, or an adventurer walking down the street with one of his strange companions.


Dragon Tower in Phaeselis, overlooking the Phoenician District -- by Shaman Stock Art (Anthony Cournoyer).

Also, the presence of technology is felt.  Many people have a gastraphetes, others make and wear the linothorax in battle, and engineers are working on complex machinery.  One of their inventions, however, is the Celestial Clock in the middle of the city (using an Antikythera mechanism and hydraulic pressure), that times the movement of the Heavens with precision.  Everyone uses the Celestial Clock to set their own mechanical water clocks at home.  Not to mention that the society is generally free and educated.  Most every Hellene is literate and the progulmation of philosophical ideas is often done through speeches at the podiums and frequent debates in the gymnasiums, taverns, and colleges.  People are generally free to think what they think, and free to say what they say.  So far, the Oligarchy and the Assembly are ruling wisely. It seems that Alexander's dream is realized, well, except for the adventuring opportunities brings in foreigners every year to try their luck at finding gold and treasures under the city.

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