The Kingdom of the Olivaes is the kingdom of the Olivaen Elves -- or Psionic Elves. Located on the northern shore of the Black Sea, aroudn the so called Sea of Azov, and bordering on the Danube, is the tiny kingdom of these elves.

The kingdom is covered by forest, which glows with psionic might in the night. In the deepest parts of the forest, the mighty trees create a canopy so thick that hardly any light comes down. Here the psionic elves have nurtured special trees that give off a psychic, magical glow. The Elves here manage the forest using their psionic powers. They are so powerful that they can influence a seed to grow through their own mental power. Thus, like any elven nation, the Olivaen Elves have turned to Psionics to keep the trees here healthy and to recreate their version of Arvandor.

Descendants of the Wise Elves that practiced psychic magic and cast psychic spells, over the years they gained the ability to replicate the effects using the force of their own minds. The Kingdom of Olivaes is an interesting kingdom, with only the Greek Colony of Olivae to trade with Alexander's kingdom.

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