Jungle trail

The Ivory Kingdoms (Jungle by Jason Scheier)

The Ivory Lands, also known as the Ivory Kingdoms is the name given to the kingdoms that are the source of Ivory in the Lands of Lybia (Africa like Continent).  They are bordered by the Great Desert and Ssitherai to the northeast.  They are bordered by Axium and Nubia, and the Kingdom of Parmenio.  The Ivory Kingdoms also extends southward beyond the known world. 

There are very few records of the region that are initiating dealing with outsiders.  Instead, foreigners and adventurers travel into the Ivory Kingdoms in search of the lost city of Opar and the lost city of Ophir; because these cities are said to hold much gold and are a lost kingdom of Whites.  But these expeditions of adventurers and hunters are made worse by the existence of evil spirits, sentient and mobile plants, giant lizards, lizard men, and strange cults.  But these lost cities of gold and incredible riches continue to attract visitors.  However, the most important resource that comes out of the kingdoms, however, is ivory.


Lizardmen of the Jungle Lands (from Warhammer Fantasy).

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