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Queen Esther by Edwin Long (1878).

Although named House Darius by Alexander after he took most of the royal family captive, the house was founded by Archaemenes the First.   The house has a glorious past, having numerous Kings of Kings within it's geneology. Now the house is deeply political and work as politicians within the city council.  Imasara of Darius represents the Northeast Quadrant of the city in council.

One of the few houses that trains their own private army, the House has a reputation of scheming to take over the city for themselves.  This isn't true, as the House respects Alexander's wishes.  The house fields it's armies strictly in defense of the city, and has a large unit of Magi within it's private forces.  The house has little respect for rogues, aegoi, and soulknives.  The house fields a private army of fighters and magi to settle defense of the city.

After a run in with diabolists and warlocks, the House generally regrets that the Archemeniad laws that forbid consorting with demons were abolished after Alexander conquered the Kingdom.  The law was the Edict against Devil and Demon Worship put into place by King Cyrus after his battle to take the Old Kaldeean Empire.  In that battle, the great king faced warlocks, witches, and infernal binders raising an army of devils and demons and managed to slay most of them.  Because of this, they think that all warlocks and infernal binders are devil worshippers given over sodomy of children and consorting with demons and familiar spirits.

Imasara of Darius (NG h male magi 5/Aristocrat 3): The current leader of the house, Imasara is the son of Darius (the not so) Great who tried to sack Phaeselis after Alexander continued on destroying his port cities and into Egypt.  Seeing his father's cowardice for trying to sack a new city once without going up against its founder, and twice after he lost a battle against the military genius -- Imasara has nothing but disrespect for his dead father.  At the age of fifty-eight he leads the former royal family as an Aristocrat.

Ashirpana (LE hf Aristocrat 7): The daughter of Darius, Ashirpana is a mistress of intrigue at court.  She works hard to make sure that her plans are realized, although she often is at odds with her brother. 

Roxanna (CN hf aristocrat 5/witch 3): a wife of Alexander, she was his bride at Darius' insistence after his death.  Although Alexander married Roxanne of the Sakkas, she is his principal wife and she had given him a son.  However, her son was murdered by his other wife, Alcemene.  Because of the loss of her husband to fatigue and sickness, and the murder of her son, Roxanna has become unbalanced and now is a cackling witch of the Old Craft.

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