Benjamin West - Thetis bringing the Armor to Achilles

Thetis Bringing the Armor to Achilles.

A warrior's house, the house of Achaikos is an Aristocratic House that claims to have ancient beginnings being founded by the Myrmidon Achilles.  The house is mostly comprised of Hellenes who have a penchant to fight.  There is two aspects of the aristocratic house -- there is the production house, and then there is the warrior house.  The house is not without culture, however, many of it's warriors are poets.

Achaikos relies on the wine, horse breeding, and weapon industries to build chariots, breed strong horses, and to make strong armor.  The members of House Achaikos depends on metal breastplates (usually fitted to form) as well as good linothoraxes for armor.  The house demands nothing but the best in armor, and respectfully asks the armor makers to put scales on their linothoraxes. The house has 120 members of the family, most are warrior poets, some are soulknifes, and a few are magi.  The house of Achaikos have their own martial arts and their own small temples dedicated to Ares, Thetis, and Athena. 

The Achaikeans are a mighty family and many warriors come from this family. Many are stationed at Alexandria on the Phoenix and have been known to be powerful. 

Family Members Edit

Achilles IV: The leader of this house. Achilles IV is said to be the fourth Achaikean to bear this name. Many say he was conceived by a god. But the philosophers don't believe this assertion.

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