Magna Hellas (or Magna Grecia). The greek colonies in our world. Greek colonies are in red, Phoenician colonies are in yellow, with names in grey representing independent interests.

The Hellenes have a practice of establishing colonies in the West,  the motivation was to establish and facilitate relations of trade with foreign countries and further the wealth of the mother-city (in Hellenic, metropolis). Colonies were established in Ionia and Thrace as early as the 8th century BC.

There are more than ninety Hellenic colonies that stretched from East to West and vice versa.  These include such colonies as Syracuse, Tanais, Agathe, Emporiae, Zakynthos, and Alalia. There were two similar types of colony, one known as an ἀποικία - apoikia (pl.: ἀποικίαι, apoikiai) and the other as an ἐμπορίov - emporion (pl.: ἐμπορία, emporia). The first type of colony was a city-state on its own; the second was a Greek trading-colony.

The Hellenes have one colony in the Blessed Isles, set up as an apoikia.  This is the city of Calanais.  The Hellenes lost all contact with it within two decades.

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