The goldenflame clan is the only clan that has golden scales. However, they are the only clan that harnessed the secrets of Firebending. A good many of the clan are Firebenders; that is, kineticists that possess the power to bend and control fire. Not seen as a threat by the psions of Phaeselis (well, not seen as much as a threat as Psychics or Mediums), the Goldenflames were allowed to set up a Lyceum in the Hellenic Quarter of Phaeselis, so that more firebenders could be trained.

The Goldenflames were the ruling clan in their nation, having the seat of power in Zadracarta, where the secrets of Dragonborn steel (crucible steel) was discovered. This lasted until the argent prophet came, and their king was killed. Now, the Goldenflames are the only source of firebending secrets and lore; something many firebender kineticists want to learn from. Goldenflames are inherently good in nature, but they will often fight for any cause. Good or ill.

Dragonborn Clans
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