All the Dragonborn look to the gods for strength, but the Desertscale clan is the most mystical of all the clans. Blue scaled and sponsored by Teleos the Elder, the Desertscales worship their ancestors and do battle beside them. Bizarre for their mediums and psychics, most Desertscales are hardly seen in Phaeselis. They may be mystical, but most psychics or mediums of their power and lore are challenged to a psionic/psychic duel by the Psions of Phaeselis, with the losing side -- be he psychic or medium -- to be mind seeded.

Despite this, their mysticism is often welcome in other lands. As the desertscale clan walks a fine line between the material world and the spiritual. Most of the time, these traveling dragonborn gypsies are thought of as necromancers, dealing with powers beyond anyone's comprehension. This can't be further from the truth, as the mediums of the Desertscales study occult mysticism because they believe their ancestors to be fully alive.

The Desertscales are gypsies of the desert and of the steppes. Blue scaled, the Desertscales keep their occult lore hidden from other peoples. They teach their occult lore, passing it on, to the younger generation in bizarre but elaborate rites of passage.

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