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Living in Phaeselis has become a costly adventure. The prices of necessities is high, not to mention the luxuries one can and cannot afford. for most items, the equipment prices on the equipment page is provided.  However, the coinage system is different in the Alexandrian empire than it is in most D&D and Pathfinder games.

Phaeselis' coinage system is divided into copper, silver, gold, and platinum.  However a Talent is about 57 pounds of water or gold (and can be counted as a ingot of metal).  Phaeselis' coinage equivalents are these:

1 copper Obol 1 Copper Piece
1 drachma 1 silver penny
1 Stater 1 gold coin
1 Dolphin 1 platinum coin
1 talent gold 2,500 gp

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Owning and Renting PropertyEdit

A house in Phaeselis is incredibly cheeper than it is in the Real World today.  However, those who are visiting or cannot afford a house usually rents one instead.  Landowners and moneylenders usually handle the costs of renting a house, and usually amass wealth because of it.  The table below shows the cost of renting in Phaselis:

Residence* Size Cost of Rent/Month**
Apartment/flat 1 room 5 drakma
Apartment/flat 2 rooms 1 stater
Apartment/flat 3-4 rooms 5 staters
House rent small 50 drakmas
House rent medium 80 drakmas
House rent large 180 drakmas+
  • Of average quality.
    • Triple rent in the Nobles' District. Halve it for the Warrens and the Jungle (located in the Northeast Quadrant); however, many of the residents of the Warrens are squatters.

Many fortunate residents of Phaeselis who do own their homes either inherited their homes or had them built. The table below shows the purchase price of each home:

House Purchase, Common 80 Staters
House Purchase, poor

50 Staters

House Purchase, Luxury 180+ Staters

Many residents in Phaeselis live in the same district as which they work.  Although this isn't always the case for everyone.  Shopkeepers who work their shops usually live above them.  They may either own their own home or rent it.

Other ExpensesEdit

People in Phaeselis sells unusual goods that people might want to take advantage of.  Of course, such goods do not appear in the PATHFINDER Core Rulebook and instead are found below.  These services and goods are found through out the city and are a part of city life.

Goods/service Price Notes
Messenger 1 drakma to anywhere in the city
Chariot Ride 1 drakma to anywhere in the city
Bath 1 obol ---
Shave/haircut 1 obol ---
Massage 2 obols ---

Furnishings (one room)



800 Staters+

100 Staters

15 Staters





Taxidermy services 10-500 Staters
Custom tailoring 5 to 10 Staters
Custom armor enhancement 100 to 500 Staters+

Custom Weapon Enhancement

20 to 200 Staters+

Personal Taxes 3 staters/year Or 9% of total wealth per year.

Burial in the Necropolis

Common Grave


Individual Plot

Expensive Crypt


--- 1 Drakma

5 Staters

10 Staters

500 Staters

5,000 Staters

--- ---





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