Dragonborn River Woman

Zyana, the River Dragonborn.

. . . is a clan of predominately green Dragonborn that controls the Cyrus river that flows east and empties in the Caspios sea.  The clan is known as either river pirates, the river folk, or something worse.  The Dragonborn here live their lives on the river, and on the sea.  They have a city that is built on the island of the sea, called Zarakithos.  The Dragonborn here control the mouth of the sea and some land around about, keeping it out of the hands of the elves.

Sponsored by the Green dragon Greenblast in times past, the Clan has no sponsor to take care of it.  With the exception of most of the Warfires leaving for the Great Sea to the west, the Corso River Clan considers themselves the far western Clan of the Dragonborn.  Here, they maintain ancestral lands from being taken over by the Elves, and they maintain ancient castles and structures that most of the Dragonborn were forced to give up.

Forced to wear tribal clothing, the clan has not abandoned its ideals.  The clan watches over the river, and acts as stewards.  They are constantly rebuilding old ruins, and are based in Dragon's Eye Keep.

Clan GenesisEdit

The clan got its start from Corso the river pirate. He, a greenskinned dragonborn, had founded the clan based on the booty that he acquired. He became clan chief when he started to live like a king after so many years of plunder. Having made a deal with Greenblast for protection of the clan, Greenblast mated with the clan, creating a number of half-dragons with green skin. After Greenblast died, the clan was without a draconic sponsor. The resulting death meant that the clan had no sponsor. But his contribution to the clan's genetics lives on in the vivid green skin that they spout.

When most of the dragonborn left the mountain region for the east side of the Caspian, the Clan itself stayed behind to ply the rivers and to live almost like aborigines.


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