The Ascaros Clan is a clan that is currently divided, but only nominally. One half of the clan practices Aether bending, or are kineticists in the Occult sense. The other half are truly psionic, seeking to maximize their brains' potentials as psions or wilders; usually choosing the kineticist path but not always.

The clan's banner is that of the aetheric dragon, a dragon that features heavily in their mythology. Although the clan does not bear the scales of an aetheric dragon, many of their sorcerers do exhibit the bloodlines of an esoteric dragon[1] in many respects. Despite this, many of the clan is seeking to maximize their potential by either psionics or psychic magic. However the division isn't one that will split the clan into two. The split is minor and only shows up with those that are abounding in wealth.

References Edit

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