Dragonborn City
Geographical information
Type Colony
Size Small Town
Area Western Sicilyas, Lemurias
Societal information
Languages Corinthian Hellenic
Races Dragonborn
Religion Bahamut, Tiamat
Currency Drakmas
Alignment LG
Political information
Government Benevolent Monarchy
Ruler's type Tyrant
Ruler Darsaadi Deathserpent in 79 A.C. DR

Inhabitants of Tethyrias
Locations in Tethyrias
Organizations in Tethyrias
Settlements in Tethyrias
Tethyrias is a city founded by five thousand dragonborn slaves that escaped their masters and founded a city of their own some sixty miles away.  In fifty years, the city is beginning to flourish.  The population is nearly thoroughly hellenized except their religion, which they stay steadfast in worshipping Bahamut (or Tiamat).  These dragonborn have adopted, though, other aspects of Hellenic culture -- including philosophy, athletics, drama, poetry, and methods of dress.  Even dragonborn open nudity is accepted.




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Dragonborn fighter by KitAlda

Dragonborn fighter by KitAlda (©Christine Gundlach []).

After Alexander sacked Zadracarta in the 27th year of his life, he took half of the population into slavery and sold them.  Many of these ended up on a ship bound to Syracuse.  When the people of Syracuse found out where they came from and how robust and exotic they are, they started to import them en masse.  Then they tried to Hellenize them in everything while they were slaves.  It didn't work, after all, half the slaves rebelled and escaped their Masters.

Unable to commit the military might to chase them down, the most that escaped founded Tethyrias under Tymachar.  Tymachar ruled as Tyrant of his little village until the people deposed him, setting up Darsaadi Deathserpent in his stead.

Since then, the city has built up a wonderful trade network, but it does not rival Syracuse.

Notable LocationsEdit


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