Geographical information
Aliases Colony of Corinth, City with a think tank.
Size Metropolis
Area Syracuse
Societal information
Population 30,600
Imports Silk, Damask, Slaves
Exports Coal, horses, trained mercenaries, dry red wine, strong bitter black beer, weapons, cheese
Political information
Ruler King Timothy III

Inhabitants of Syracuse
Locations in Syracuse
Organizations in Syracuse
Syracuse is a colony of Corinth, and unknowingly part of the Aolean Colonization movement.  The multitude of Syracuse are descendants of one Ptahotep -- the Advisor to the Pharaoh at his time.  It's famous for it's military think tank, and it's rivalry with Volcania.  After the Alexandrian conquest, the city imported a large number of Dragonborn as slaves because of their exoticness.  Unfortunately, one third of the population of Syracuse is Dragonborn.  Recently, a large number of Dragonborn slaves escaped their Masters, and split off to form a Dragonborn colony of their own called Tethyrias.  The Dragonborn were nearly completely hellenized.


Syracuse is in a favorable area on an island off the land of Etruska (Sicily). It's about 60 miles away from Tethyrias.  Syracuse's bay is favorable for ships, and Syracuse itself maintains a large navy, which it uses in engagement with Volcanian dark elf picaroons.


Syracuse is set up as a Trading Colony.  It is a major trading port on the great Sea.  Here, goods from all over the sea come in to Syracuse for trade.  Everything from damask to Hashish (cannabis), to cloves and allspice, to spices from the East.

Contributions to the MilitaryEdit

Syracuse's king, King Timothy the First; wanted an ultimate weapon.  So he called in a thinktank to secretly devise the ultimate weapon.  What they came up with was the Gastrophetes (heavy crossbow).  This was the ultimate weapon, as anyone could use it to have a go at the enemy.  However, there is no learned property laws at this time, so engineers all over the Hellenic World started tinkering with it.

Laws and customsEdit

Sicily Map

Including Syracuse, Carthage, Sybaris, and other cities (Photoshopped by myself.)


Notable LocationsEdit


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