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Basic Information
Home Phaeselis
Gender female
Race Tiefling
Occupation Hetaira (Prostitute)
Patron deity Eros
Known language(s) Hellenic
Rules Information
Class Expert
Alignment CG
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Expert 6
 Sympasia is Teleamon's current companion and lover.  A prostitute of no small reputation, Teleamon took her after he dumped his wife, Cleopatra.  Sympasia is known for her certain excesses in wine and food, and enjoys the high life Teleamon can afford her as a politician and an aristocrat.

Life HistoryEdit


Aspasia (/æˈspeɪziə/ or /æˈspeɪʒə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀσπασία; c. 470 BC[1][2] – c. 400 BC)[1][3] was an influential immigrant to Athens who was a companion of the statesman Pericles. The couple had a son Pericles the Young, but the full details of the couple's marital status are unknown. According to Plutarch, her house became an intellectual centre in Athens, attracting the most prominent writers and thinkers, including the philosopher Socrates. It has also been suggested that the teachings of Aspasia influenced Socrates. Aspasia was mentioned in the writing of philosophers Plato, Aristophanes, Xenophon, and other authors of the day. Though she spent most of her adult life in Greece, few details of her life are fully known. Some scholars suggest that Aspasia was a brothel keeper and a harlot. Aspasia's role in history provides crucial insight to the understanding of the women of ancient Greece. Very little is known about women from her time period. In fact, one scholar stated that, To ask questions about Aspasia, is to ask questions about half of humanity.[1]


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