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Strategos Lysander
Basic Information
Titles Strategos
Home Phaeselis
Gender male
Race Hellene
Occupation General
Age 16
Patron deity Athena
Known language(s) Hellenic
Born 63 (After Alexander) DR
Rules Information
Alignment NG
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Fighter 5/Cavalier (Strategist) 2
5th Edition Statistics
Class Fighter 7

GM Only: The General's Statistics

The youngest Strategos to operate in the field ever, Lysander grew up as a sober child with a clever intellect.  He was a simple son of a linen merchant who attracted one of the best philosophers to himself.  The philosopher, Anarchos,  taught him everything about the natural world at the ages of eight to 15, giving him a classical education.   At the age of 16, the council voted him as Strategos although having no prior military experience.

If they hoped to control the young, inexperienced youth, he was their worst fears -- having led the army and navy to victory against Cassander's kingdom.  The victory was complete, and he earned the love of his men and his 'junior' strategoi.  Lysander, in just three months, lost only one battle and it was a small skirmish with the Cassandrian forces, and he wasn't there to lead it. The army loves him, forcing the Council to keep him in power until they can find a means to remove him.  Lysander leads the army with the motives of Patriotism and Freedom for the city state to govern themselves as Alexander had seen fit.


Lysander's Leadership feat allows him to have one level 4 cohort, and six followers. These six followers are his personal guard, and are all level 6 warriors.


1 Lysander was recently leveled up two levels because in my campaign, one of my players is thinking of challenging him. I also added notes for his followers and cohort.

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