Andromache, the soulknife.

Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the mind as a weapon. Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly combatant. Versatile and varied, the soulknife can be found in all shapes and sizes, wielding blades unique to the wielder and customized to fit the needs of the soulknife. Fluid in function, the soulknife has mastered how to alter her mind blade to fit the situation, bringing power and versatility into any combat.

Nature of the BladeEdit

The Soulknife's weapon is the manfested totality of his or her Id.  The blade represents everything about the character's need to eat, reproduce, breathe, and live.  These qualities are in the totality of that blade.  The basic drive to survive beats in her mindblade.

History of the SoulknivesEdit

The Soulknives are an ancient order of Psionic Warriors dating back to the foundation of the oldest cities of Mankind after the Deluge (about 3,000 years before Phaeselis' founding).  The discovery that a human being could summon the totality of his very id into a blade of energy that could conceivably cut through most anything was an accidental discovery.  Almost.

For the past 3,000 years, soulknives have always existed.  Either as paladins, or as assassins, or as capable warriors, and sometimes as vigilantes protecting any of those similarly gifted from discrimination and persecution.  Although a full army of them could never be assembled, there is too few of them; the soulknives have fought either alone or in small bands.

By the Time of Alexander, a large group of Hellenes had the ability, though, and so Alexander formed them up to be Hoplites, Psiloi, and Gymnitai.  For the first time, a Phalanx of Soulknives were formed up -- called the psyche stilletto falanga (Soulknife Phalanx).  These Soulknives campaigned with Alexander to the formation of most of his Empire when he conquered the Archemeniads -- and were instrumental in defeating most of the Magi, their counterparts.  After the end of the Alexandrian Campaigns, the Soulknife Phalanx returned to Phaeselis to become the backbone of the garrisoned army protecting the city from invaders.


Valeera sanguinar

A Massalian Elf Soulknife

As a wielder of a weapon first and foremost, the soulknife excels as a front-line combatant on the battlefield. Her limited armor options and defensive abilities can be a hindrance, but her varied blade abilities can make her an excellent mobile warrior or battlefield controller.

Suggested ArchetypesEdit

  • Armored Blade (Hoplite)
  • Deadily Fist
  • Gifted Blade
  • Gymnitos and Psilos (Nimble Blade)
  • Shielded Blade
  • Toxotes (Soulbolt)

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