Canis Lupis
Snow Wolf Clan
Snow Wolf Clan
Alternative name(s) The Honorable, the Winter Clan, the Snow Capped Mountain Clan
Largest settlement Arkentaz Village
Region(s) Snow Wolf Valley
Societal Information
Language(s) Orcish
Race(s) Orc
Leader Oratosh (Shaman)
Other Leaders Saurfang the Elder, Saurfang the Younger
Past Leaders Durotan, Krogan, Ammunat
Religion(s) Shamanism, Cult of Heroes
Population 8,300
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Allegiance The Horde
Status Active

Found amongst the snows of their beloved home planet, the Snow Wolf Clan lived amongst the beautiful snow capped mountains of their beloved planet. When they came to Lemurias, they loved the Caucasus Mountains so much that they found valleys where the elves will never find them. Unliking the caves, the Clan never liked caves anyway, they stayed with the snows and on top, settling in a valley that is as isolated and remote as they could find -- Snow Wolf Valley. Hidden in this valley, the tribe could thrive, though cut off from the greater Orcish Horde.

Religion Edit

The Snow Wolf Clan has a shamanistic outlook on things (See GURPS Religion on shamanism). But they also practice hero worship. They venerate heroes as worthies for Orcish Honor. The Snow Wolf Clan's worthies include:

Orc Worthi Edit

  • Durotan, son of Salosh -- Led the Snow Wolf Clan to their present valley.
  • Garrosh, son of Talgar the Mighty -- Started the tradition of Honor
  • Talun-Karku -- Founded the Clan

Human Worthies Edit

  • Cyrus the Great -- United the Medes and the Persians together to do battle against the Babylonians.
  • Alexander the Great -- Did battle against a failing empire and conquered it


The Snow Wolf Clan's hero worship does provide divine magic for clerics.  The religion isn't truly organized, as of yet, but the worship of heroes provides the following domains: Good (Azata), Nobility (Leadership), Repose (Ancestors), and Strength (Resolve).

History of the Snow Wolf ClanEdit

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