The sharkfolk are bipedal, tailless, shark men that inhabit the fresh waters along the wetlands of Khem and the wetlands along the phoenix river. They are amphibious fish men that hunt for fish instead of hunting for men. Often confused with the Adaro, they look nothing like the Adaro themselves except for the face and head. They aren't as belligerent as the Adaro either and, in fact have been known to save drowning men.

The sharkfolk worship a god that look like themselves, and in particular are a monotheistic culture. They keep to themselves their mode of worship and don't seek converts. They seek to live and let live, and sometimes get caught up in human wars. They typically defend their land with the same ferocity as sharks, and have managed to keep it despite the great loss a war can bring.

Sharkfolk must keep their gills moist; despite their air bladder had developed into a lung. They prefer fresh water to saline sea water for this task. Sharkfolk are also the object of worship amongst orcs. They are often associated as messengers from the Earthmother or the Shark Spirit by orcs, which also confuses the Sharkfolk to no end. The sharkfolk try to remind the orcs that they aren't spirit messengers or guardians; but are simple mortals. Few orcs, if any, get this.

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