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Trained in dark mysteries your training allows you to harness the power of shadows to bolster your spellcasting.

Shadow Spells (Su) Edit

At 1st level, a shadowcaster uses his shadow to prepare additional spells. He must spend his entire period of spell preparation in dim illumination to use this ability. He may prepare a number of additional spell levels of spells equal to the level of the highest level wizard spell he can cast. For example, if he can cast 6th-level wizard spells, he could prepare six 1st-level spells, two 3rd level-spells, or any similar combination that adds up to a total of six spell levels. These spells are stored in his shadow. He can only cast these spells when he is in an area of normal light or dim light. He gains Shadow tongue as a bonus language. This ability replaces arcane bond.

Shadowsight (Ex) Edit

At 5th level, a shadowcaster gains darkvision 60 feet. This ability replaces the shadowcaster’s 5th-level wizard bonus feat.

Shadowy Specialization (Ex) Edit

At 10th level, when a shadowcaster casts shades, shadow conjuration, shadow evocation, and similar illusion spells that have a listed fraction of the strength of real effects, he increases the percentage of damage caused by the spell’s effect or summoned creatures by one-fifth (+20%) against creatures that make their saving throw against the effect, up to a maximum of 100% of the strength. For example, shadow evocation and shadow conjuration deal 40% normal damage on a successful save instead of 20%. This ability replaces the shadowcaster’s 10th-level wizard bonus feat.

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