Basic Information
Titles He of the Mind's Eye
Home Phaeselis
Former home(s) Khemet
Gender male
Race Khemetian (human)
Occupation Priest of Ra
Age 21
Patron deity Ra
Known language(s) Khemetian
Rules Information
Class Seer (Psion)
Alignment Neutral Good
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Psion 7
5th Edition Statistics
Class Psion 7
Shadi is a mysterious young man who is a priest of the Pharaonic god Ra (or Ra-Horakhty).  He is also a member of the Mind's Eye.  Shadi walks alone in the city streets, aiding those with his visions granted by Ra.  Or so he says.  It's all a ruse, those who know how psionics work, they don't actually get visions from the God in any normal sense.  Still, more than once he has avoided being tried as an Oracular Seer.  Since he comes from Khemet, the young man is often confused for an Oracle rather than a psion.
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