The Cultures of the Empire include the following:

Human Cultures --> Aryavartan, Hellenistic, Ariyan, Phoenician

Elven CulturesEdit

Massalian ElvesEdit

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The Massalian elves are elves that use demonic magic and knowledge to recreate Arvandor.  Their culture is explained in more detail under Elf. They have the following Cultural package in Rolemaster:

Academic SkillsEdit

Linquistics (Massalian Elvish) 10 ranks; Lore (Massalia) 3 ranks; Lore (Demons and Devils) 2 ranks; Lore (choice) 2 ranks; Science: Mathematics 1 rank. 

Athletic SkillsEdit

Body Development 2 ranks; Movement: running 2 ranks

Combat SkillsEdit

Unarmed Combat no ranks;

Outdoor and AnimalEdit

Animal Handling[1] no ranks; Riding[1]; Survival: Massalia 1 rank;

Perception skillsEdit

Navigation: Terrestial 0 ranks; Perception 1 rank; Tracking 0 ranks

Social SkillsEdit


Dragonborn CultureEdit

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The Dragonborn is slightly suffering a division in cultures.  Although the kingdom of Arc Teryx is expanding on the island of Sardinia, the other Dragonborn populations in the Empire are slowly being Hellenized.  The culture is slightly starting to split three ways: the Arc Teryxians, the Tethyrians, and the Verataxisans.  There's a fourth culture. 

Academic skillsEdit

Linguistics: Draconic 10 ranks; Lore: either Arc Teryx, Tethyrias, or Verataxisi 3 ranks; Lore (Dragonborn History) 1 rank; Science: Mathematics 1 rank

Athletic skillsEdit

Body Development 2 ranks; Movement: running 1 rank

Combat skillsEdit

Unarmed combat 1 rank

Outdoor & Animal skillsEdit

Survival: either Arc Teryx, Tethyrias, or Verataxisi 1 rank


Navigation: Terrestrial 1 rank (Tethyrias and Arc Teryx only); Perception 1 rank; 

Trades and CraftsEdit

Craft/Comp/PA: first Choice 2 ranks; Craft/Comp/PA: 2nd Choice 1 rank; Mechanical 1 rank; Vocation: 1st choice 2 rank; Vocation: 2nd choice 1 rank

Nagaji CultureEdit

Ophidian by albe75-d6z1e9k
The Nagaji are a servitor race, created by the Nagas from human stock from magical manipulation, direct mating, and other methods.  The Nagaji have come to Phaeselis after the Naga Empire was conquered, as slaves.  Ten thousand of them came to Phaeselis as slaves, and later, five thousand of them were given freedom.

Academic skillsEdit

Linguistics: Aryavartan 10 ranks, Lore: Phaeselis 3 ranks, Lore: Aryavarta 2 ranks, Lore: choice 1 ranks, Science: Mathematics 1 rank

Athletic skillsEdit

Body development 2, Movement: running 1 rank

Outdoor and Animal skillsEdit

Animal Handling: snakes 1 rank, Riding 0 ranks, Survival: Phaeselis 3 ranks

Perception skillsEdit

Perception 2 ranks

Social skillsEdit

Social Awareness 2 ranks

Subterfuge skillsEdit


Trade and Crafts skillsEdit

Craft/Comp/PA: 1st Choice 2 ranks, Craft/Comp/PA: Choice 1 rank; Mechanical 0 ranks, Vocation: 1st choice 1 rank, Vocation 2nd choice 1 rank


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