This world system took years to work on and had several inspirations to work from. It's also based on Research. And so, I have yet to read Plutarch's Lives and Arrian's Alexander. However, I can give you some background on my inspiration and my research. Inspiration Inspiration really began with the Greek Myths and the Greek Mythological Cycle.

Primary Sources: Bulfinch's Mythology, the Oddessey, the Iliad.

Secondary Sources:Edit

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys

Xena: Warrior Princess

Clash of the Titans

Jason and the Argonauts

Helen of Troy

Historical SourcesEdit

Alexander the GreatEdit

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Greek Origins Edit

  • The bible
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India's PastEdit

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China's Past Edit

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Author's own Historical HypothesisEdit

  • The Israelite Migration and the Krishna Invasion
  • Hercules and Samson


Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy

The Saga of Helen of Troy

For FunEdit


Symbol of the Pelasgians, with Castor beside his brother, Polydeuces.