Ravi Varma-Ravana Sita Jathayu

Ravana cuts Jathayu's wing off!

The Ravana Crime Family has been in a bitter feud with the Rama family for years and years, ever since their founder destroyed the splendid city of Ravana. The reason?  Because their founder went and kidnapped someone else's wife because her breasts, her hands, her eyes were like big round lotus flowers.  So, Rama led an army to Ravana and destroyed it.  Those that escaped formed a crime family with one wish, to overturn the Rama legacy.

The Ravana Family controls the crime in the city.  They organized the crime under a business syndicate.  However, they control a few businesses in the city, in which they deny service to anyone related to Rama.  Rama, in turn, denies service to anyone related to Ravana.  The Ravana Family controls the flow of drugs and smuggled items into the city; they control the majority of theft, and usually use Phaeselis as a base to operate outside the city.

Lately, a Hellene calling himself Autolycus -- the self styled King of Thieves, is planning to take over Ravana's territory.  Something he doesn't want to happen. 

Origins of the Crime FamilyEdit

The Ravana Crime Family is one of those twelve families that are trying to control humanity because they believe its their duty ordained to them by the Creator.  They originally come from Babel, the source of languages, and they moved into Aryavarta after Babel dispersed.  They called themselves of different families for a long time through the invasions of Indra, Bahrat, and Krishna -- right up until the Rama invasion when they destroyed the Ravana empire.  They then took themselves the name of Ravana and sought their goals of controlling the family. 

Jahnah Ravana -- Jahnah is the leader of the family.  He controls the family and manipulates the crime in the city thoroughly.  He, like most of the core family, believes that he was ordained to make decisions for all of Humanity.  The feud he keeps up on the Rama family is only for show. 

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