Ratfolk are small people who resemble humanoid rats. They are found as both itinerant merchants and scavengers in the cities of other races.[1]


Standing about four feet tall and weighing eighty pounds, ratfolk have whiskered snouts and long scaly tails just like common rats. When in cities, they wear heavy robes to conceal their rodentlike features, which unnerve other races.[1]

Habitat and SocietyEdit

Ratfolk are communal by nature, living in colonies of up to 100 adults. They make their homes either on the road in traveling caravans, in the sewers and slums of large cities, or in subterranean caves. Their warrens are complex enough to easily hide their hoards or escape from enemies. Ratfolk merchants trawl markets for intriguing items, which they value over money. Ratfolk have an affinity for all kinds of rodents, including rats and dire rats, and they excel at tinkering and alchemy.[1]


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