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Qin'ae Town
in Brief
Area 15 acres
Population 950
Primary Function Residential
Other attributes
Primary Social Class Middle Class
Qin'ae Town is settled by a people that came from a land that is known to them as the Middle Kingdom, but called by many as Shinar, or Cathay, or Qin'ae (CHYN-ay).  The people of Qin'ae Town have definite features: yellow skin, slanted eyes, distinct facial features, black straight hair.  They are merchants along the silk route, thinking that they can have a successful life in Phaeselis.

On the edge of the Silk Gate, Qin'ae Town is located in the Northeastern Quadrant of Phaeselis.  It contains both a high class neighborhood, a low class neighborhood, a theater, several gardens, and in ways a beautiful part of the city.  The sections of Qin'ae Town include the following:

Gāoguì de lóng jūwěihuì or Noble Dragon Neighborhood: A neighborhood where the nobles who come from the Middle Kingdom come to settle.

Little Dragon Garden: the low class neighborhood.  Here lower class Qin'ae men come to start a new life in the West.

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Some of the most interesting locations are located here.  Although there are few opportunities for adventure, except in the case of the Qiú family. 

Qiú EstateEdit

Qiú noble girl.

The Estate of the Qiu Family is not built on steep hills or mountains, but it is built on a rolling hill.  The estate is a siheyuan. The siheyuan has a wall around it, it's own pool and garden.  The compound is big enough to hold dragons, though, which are seen from time to time in the estate.  It's a beautiful house, recently built by the Qiú family. 

The estate has a tower, though, of a design that is pretty odd, even for Qin'ae architecture.  It really has no doors or windows, just that an Imperial dragon is coiling around it.  The tower is strange and an oddity to look upon.  It brings undo attention to the estate, although Aīĕrdùn Qiú doesn't seem to care how much attention is brought to the estate by the surrounding people.  The Estate, however, is seen as a second home to the family, as the family maintains another compound in the Nobles' District.

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