Greek Psychic Warrior

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Where the psion spends his days studying the intricacies of psionic power and unlocking the mysteries of the mind, others choose to use their internal power to augment their physical form. These psychic warriors use their psionic potential as a way to improve their natural abilities, becoming fierce and deadly in their chosen path.

History in the WorldEdit


The psychic warrior’s path determines his strengths and weaknesses within a party. Whether he is the epitome of unleashing the beast within, or a stealthy combatant who strikes from the shadows, the psychic warrior’s primary focus is typically battlefield control and dealing or blocking damage.

Psychic Warrior PathsEdit

  • Archer Path
  • Ascetic Path
  • Brawling Path
  • Dervish Path
  • interceptor Path
  • Mind Knight Path
  • Survivor Path


  • Martial Kineticist
  • Meditant
  • Protector
  • Traceur

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