True Name: Sabeen
Basic Information
Nicknames Skank, Demon Lover, Diabolical Freak
Home Syria
Former home(s) Damascus
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Witch
Age 20
Patron deity Eoster
Known language(s) Syriac, Abyssal
Born 59 After Alexander DR
Was born during the Summer Solstice
Rules Information
Class Witch
Alignment Neutral Evil
Game Edition Pathfinder
2nd Edition Statistics
Class Mage 3
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Sorcerer 3
4th Edition Statistics
Class Warlock 3
5th Edition Statistics
Class Warlock 3

Source: Vor Rukoth p.6
Pleasure is a gal that is a descendant of the Ugarites and the Syrians that occupied Ugarit/Syriaz.   A woman with Hittite blood as well, Pleasure is seeking a way to be permanently polymorphed into a Tiefling. She believes that Teiflings are perfect and she dresses the part and speaks the Abyssal language.  Being flirtatious, she would put some of her competitors (Rix for instance) almost to shame.  She wants to locate, for her, the Secret Lykeion of Syriaz, which she thinks will transform her into a Tiefling.  So, she makes an alliance with the Sons of the Horned Empire to achieve this end.  The other members now regard her with caution, for she managed to finagle much information they shouldn't have revealed.  Despite having little formal power in the group, Pleasure is a broker of power and information. 
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