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comedy and tragedy by Booyabazooka.

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Paizo Boards CampaignEdit

Solinas Astariel: A Pelagasiri Elf that has come to Phaeselis from Elven Lands. No one knows her motives for being here, but she isn't native to the city.

Ducar: A Protean Egoist native to the city. Ducar lives and works on Ishtar street, and his sibling Verar works at the Bank of the Heavens nearby.

LifeGiver: An exiled Dwarf Vitalist, trying to understand Surface life. The city of Phaeselis supposedly has others like him that he believes will be able to help him understand.

Circe Narcine :  A Maenad Wilder, sent on walkabout to learn control of her volatile emotions.  Her dark hair and albaster skin (with crystal flecks embedded) give her a lovely appearance, but the strong range of emotions she radiates can make her uncomfortable to be near.  She has just arrived in Phaeselis, and is simulataneously fascinated and terrified by the bustling city.

Threnody A Maenad Psychic Warrior who feels most alive in the heat of battle. With no family she seeks to find purpose as an adventurer, an outlet for the storm of emotions that roils within.

Second Adventuring Party CampaignEdit

Urollain Quinn Elan: A psion of the Elan "race" (position.)  He believes that there is only Now.

Pelagios Inkskin: A tattoo artist in the North Docks and fervent follower of Pythagoras.

Sivannalendil:A Pelagasiri Elf Soulknife Psiloi seeking adventure and a challenge to her combat abilities.

Khalkeús Chaménos: An Elan sculptor and psionics shaper whose mysterious creation left him alone and without memory of his prior life.

Open RPG charactersEdit

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