Section Intelligence 7 symbol (from WORLD wiki).

Phoenix Section Intelligence 7
(or PSI-7) is an organization of rogues, telepaths, cryptics, and the rare inquisitor, and rarer still -- oracles, working for the Principality's government.  They are tasked with dealing the threats to the city the military can't handle. Here, they receive training in espionage, assassination, and counter-espionage.  They are to gather intelligence and deal with the threats as they arise, quietly and quickly.

PC rogues who don't want to operate in a criminal organization or operate as criminals can join PSI-7 and get trained as a government agent.  Particularly shadowy telepaths can be trained in their skills here for use in espionage and counter espionage.   Finally, many cryptics are trained here, and so are inquisitors and the few oracles whose skills are considered too valuable just to kill.

The leader of PSI-7 is codenamed "the Fatale" and oversees all missions given to PSI-7.  Her second in command is codenamed "Theseus" after the hero.  Theseus himself is a goblin of rare talents (male goblin rogue 18) who has pledged his life to the city of Phaeselis rather than be a nuisance.   Here, a group of hired killers called the Hassansins resides and they train new assassins here.  A religious cult, they induct new members into their ranks through the use of smoking Hashish and subtle manipulation while the inductee is "stoned."  After induction, the new member is slowly trained in the Assassin prestige class.

Assassins who work for PSI-7 are usually codenamed by numbers, and there are ten assassins working for the government at any one time.  Agents of PSI carry a psionic tattoo with them at all times, tattooed on their body at a place of their choosing.

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