Phaeselis is designed to fit in your world of "Medieval Knights and Damsels in Distress" or in your world of "barbarians adventure and hit spellcasters of magic" or whatever your world is like.   The idea is a land that is anchronism in regards to the rest of the world.   The city is designed to be a city of exotic adventure, from the psionics that make it stand out to the Greek Culture and mannerisms that also make it stand out.

Ideas on how it could be included:

  • It's a city that was preserved through the mists of time, only to reappear as an exotic anachronism.
  • The city can appear on an isolated island on your map, also retaining aspects of Greek Culture.
  • The city appears through the mists of time and space on your world, as something different entirely.
  • The city is brought into your world whole cloth, with some added renaissance or medieval features.

How Phaeselis fits in GolarionTMEdit

Golarion is Paizo's in house world system for Pathfinder. It's mentioning here does not constitute a challenge to Paizo's monopoly rights over the world system.

I placed Phaeselis in Qadira, as a buffer between Avistani culture and Gerundese culture.  However, the city isn't powerful enough to hold back the Qadirese horde.  So it could exist on the border of Vudran as an example of ancient, Avistani culture.

How Phaeselis Fits in the Points of LightTMEdit

The points of Light setting is Wizards of the Coast's default setting for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. Again, it's mentioning here does not constitute a challenge to Wizards of the Coast's monopoly rights over the Points of Light.

The city can exist by itself in the Points of Light with no change.  You could say it was part of Arkhosia, or part of the Teifling empire; but had split off on it's own.  It's an exotic place in a D&D 4th Edition game.

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