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Phaeselis: the City of Psionics is inspired by the Ptolus: City by the Spire campaign. It's a pathfinder campaign that is built around a city of Psionicists set in a land that is not unlike Hellenistic Asia.

Long ago, psychically gifted people were persecuted because they had the ability to project their thoughts, read minds, see into the past and into the future, and create things seemingly out of nothing.  Persecuted more than witches, these people had to hide during the time of the Great Empires.  Then came the great Hellenistic Expansion. Led by a magnificient and beneficient Military Genius called Alexander, the Hellenes conquered the Achmeniads and created an Empire that spanned incredibly far.  Alexander, learning of the plight of these gifted children and adults, founded a city just for them.

He called it Phaeselis, the City of the Gifted.  To everyone else in the World it became known as Phaeselis, the City of Psionics, the City of the Cursed, or the City of the Damned.  Many armies led by Evil men tried to destroy it.  Once by an army composed of Magi.  In the final confrontation of that battle, the entire population of the City utterly destroyed the army and took the survivors into slavery.  And then no one dared to come up against Phaeselis again.

Phaeselis is a campaign built for one reason, and one reason only. To be a City based campaign to be dropped into your campaigns at will and to explore when you are ready to. Inspired by Ptolus: City of the Spire, Phaeselis: City of Psionics is a place dominated by Psionics. A place where the psychically gifted can live in peace, and those with the talent and the will can find adventure.

Come to Phaeselis, the City of Psionics.


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Savage Attack

Lizardmne attack savagely.

Pastoral Phase of Empire

The Pastoral phase of Empire


This image of Midas from HercXena wiki represents Pericles

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The only thing that is holding me back from publishing this work on paper and on the web for the larger Pathfinder Audience out there is money.  So, I'd like people to support me in this project and become my patrons on Patreon.  This way, I can earn money to bring this campaign setting forward so that everyone can have a chance to play it, and not refer to my wiki. :)

All I need are illustrators and a concept artist.

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Map of Phaeselis, crudely done by myself.

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Phaeselis Includes

Logo done by me.

This is a complete campaign setting for the PATHFINDER game, designed around the use of the PSIONICS UNLEASHED and ULTIMATE PSIONICS game sets from Dreamscarred Press .  In this wiki you will get: 

  • An Introduction to Phaeselis, the City of Psionics.  Known to it's people as the City of the Gifted.  
  • A guide to what is above the City.

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Logo done by me.

Coming Soon

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